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David Haye claims that he would have beaten Tyson Fury in 2013

David Haye suspects that he would have beaten Tyson Fury had the pair boxed back in 2013.

The fighters had been due to clash almost a decade ago but the bout was delayed twice due to injuries suffered by Haye. After the second postponement, Fury's career moved in a different direction and the fight never took place.

However, Haye has suggested that he would have been more likely to come out on top due to Fury's lack of experience at the time.

He told Sky Sports: "Using my speed, using my punch power. Back then in 2013, I believe it was, Tyson Fury wasn't the fighter he is today. He was very young, he was very inexperienced. He wasn't as teak tough as he is now.

"He hadn't been through the trials and tribulations that's made him the man and fighter he is today. "

Haye believes that the bout could have been good for his career if it had gone ahead as Fury had shown signs of weakness beforehand.

He explained: "It would have been the perfect bit of matchmaking on my fight, if I was able to get him. A baby, in boxing terms. He had been heavily knocked down by a non-punching cruiserweight in Steve Cunningham, so it was a perfect storm for me, but the fight didn't happen. I got a cut before the fight and it never took place."

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