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Paris Fury says she doesn't get envious when women ask for photos with her heavyweight boxer husband Tyson Fury.

Paris Fury “doesn’t get jealous” with her boxing champion husband Tyson receiving so much attention from female fans.

Paris, 31, who has been with Tyson since she was 15 and with whom she shares six children, is fully understanding of women wanting a piece of him.

She says she'd do the same if she ever met Brad Pitt too- but it doesn't mean she wants "to have an affair with him".

Speaking to the Sun newspaper she said: “These young women that come over to Tyson [in public], they don’t bother me.

"I don’t get jealous.

"If Brad Pitt walked in here now, I'm grabbing hold of him and having a cuddle – that doesn’t mean I want to have an affair with him!”

Tyson, 33, beat Deontay Wilder by knockout in the early hours of Sunday morning to retain his WBC belt in their trilogy fight.

And with Tyson having spoken previously about his mental health struggles and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder Paris said that she considered leaving him "numerous times" but "felt a responsibility to keep him alive".

She added: “I really did think [about leaving him] numerous times, but I stayed because I love the person that he is – flaws and all.

"I knew if I wasn’t there, there was no one there to look after him.

"I felt a responsibility to keep him alive, and if I left, he would not be here.

“It wasn’t a fairy tale.

"Mental health is such a hard thing.

"We lived it by ourselves and kept it very hush.

"Tyson was so severely ill and paranoid and I was pregnant and had all these children.

"I was just trying to keep everything together.

"When Tyson went public about it, I found it easier to handle.

"He went to therapy a few times and I would advise anyone to [do that].

"I prayed that he was going to get better, and he did.

"And now we’re on top of the world, so there’s the light at the end of the tunnel.”

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