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Mike Tyson tips Oleksandr Usyk to win rematch with Anthony Joshua

Mike Tyson has backed Oleksandr Usyk to beat Anthony Joshua again.

The boxing legend believes that the Ukrainian will retain his heavyweight world title when he takes on Joshua in a rematch in Saudi Arabia on August 20.

Usyk outboxed Joshua to comfortably win the first fight and Tyson feels that the champion has too much intelligence in the ring for the Brit to cope with.

Speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, the legendary boxer said: "Listen, Joshua's gonna have to wear him down, because the guy is smooth and moving and all of that stuff.

"He's gonna have to wear him down, he's not gonna outbox this guy, he's not, just beat him down."

Tyson continued: "Usyk is very hard to hit. He's an elite amateur boxer, that elite amateur boxer messes guys like Joshua up because it's too much movement, fainting, and all that stuff."

Iron Mike urged Joshua to do more in the ring as he looks to become a three-time world champion.

The former world champion said: "He (Joshua) could do so much, that's why he's never a lost soul, he can learn so much - he's still learning, that's why he's dangerous Joshua, because he's still f****** learning. He can't just feint, his jabs got to be constantly out there and he's got to turn into something.

"Joshua needs to pick up the pace a little, just a little, not much. He has so much damn potential.

"Joshua has balls - he's no walkover. It's just that for some reason we expect a lot from Joshua. Americans expect a lot out of Joshua for some reason,"

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