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Jose Mourinho has a deep connection with football fans

Jose Mourinho has a deep connection with football fans

Jose Mourinho thinks he has a special connection with fans of the clubs he has managed.

Chelsea fans recently chanted the Portuguese coach's name as they expressed their frustration during the Premier League clash against Brentford earlier this month and Mourinho thinks that he has a unique bond with the supporters after bringing unprecedented success to the London club.

He told the Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano: "The first feeling is I always say that the best thing football has is the fans. Because the fans don’t make money with football – they spend money with football! Sometimes they spend money that the family needs and they make sacrifices because of the passion for football and especially for the passion for their clubs.

"So normally they are fair. When the club’s fans don’t like the players, don’t like the coach, for some reason, it’s not because beautiful eyes, it’s not because handsome guy. They love it, or they don’t love it, for some reason.

"In my case, independent of results – of course I had the luck always to have something to celebrate, something for the fans to have a good memory of me – but I think something that they see is when you are committed to them. And I’m always committed to my club and fans. Doesn’t matter which country, doesn’t matter which club.

"So I think they have a feeling that I give everything and because of my personality, in the end I’m always going to be more than a coach."

Mourinho was sacked by Roma in January and explained that he is ready to take a new job this summer but wants to make sure he picks the right opportunity.

He said: "I am ready to start [this summer]. Sometimes when you end it a club you feel the need of a rest or a think. In this case, one day after I left I was ready to go.

"I am really ready but I don’t want to make the wrong choice. But I cannot make the wrong choice. I cannot accept something just because of the feeling and passion to be back."

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