First Steps Android

GMX Android Mail app: First steps

Discover all about modifying the Mail app for Android

  • Simple to understand and safeguards data

  • Customise the Mail app to suit your lifestyle
  • Able to be used on many different types of Android devices
First Steps Android

Get started using the easy Mail app

Use only your fingertip to perform quick and simple actions

Writing emails
Sending emails

Begin your message by simply clicking the green pencil icon.

Clean up your inbox
Start tidying up your inbox

Delete an email by quickly swiping it to the left side.

Update your inbox
Check for new emails

Just swipe downwards to refresh your inbox for new messages.

Find emails again
Search for old messages

Click the magnifying glass icon and type your desired search term.

Change your Mail app to fit your needs

Tweak the app and customise to get the most out of it

Safety & security with the Mail app

Top security methods and procedures

Only the best security for the GMX Mail app for Android

GMX defends all your emails and personal data with top-notch security standards that comply with strict European data protection laws, no matter if you’re checking your mailbox via a browser or the Android Mail app.

Discover further info regarding security settings and the protection of your mailbox below.

Editing a password or your own data

Head to ’My GMX Account’ if you feel like changing or just viewing your personal data or password. To check your account settings, log in once more in order to modify or view your info. While here, it’s wise to set up password recovery options, like adding another email address or even your mobile phone number.

Defend your GMX Mail account against unauthorised access

GMX provides quick and instant access to your messages and other features, as well as notifications for incoming emails, which means there isn’t a logout option for your Android Mail app. It’s still possible to protect your emails and personal data from unauthorized access simply by locking your Android device’s screen and securing your Mail app with a personalised PIN. Initiate PIN protection in ’General settings’ and select your own PIN and how frequently it must be requested.

Check out the GMX Help page for further info about using a PIN.

Reset mobile access in the event of device theft or loss

Using the reset mobile access function is helpful if your Android device is ever lost or stolen. Your GMX account will require your login data to access your emails. Check under ’Security’ in the ’My Account’ section on the left of the menu. It’s easy to reset your login data with the GMX Android Mail app.

Look at our GMX Help section if you want to know more about resetting mobile access.

Step by step guides

Use the GMX email service from your browser

Use the GMX email service from the app for iOS and iPadOS