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YouTube to let creators reply to comments using AI

YouTube to implement AI to suggest replies to comments.

The video sharing platform currently allows users to leave comments on videos, but a new artificial intelligence (AI) feature will allow those who post videos on the site to automatically reply to those comments with suggestions given by the AI.

Google, who own YouTube, are using their pre-existing SmartReply system for the website, which already works for Gmail to suggest appropriate responses to emails.

However, the version coming to YouTube will be even more advanced, as the language suggested will be less formal, and will even include emojis.

In a blog post, Google said: "In comparison to emails, which tend to be long and dominated by formal language, YouTube comments reveal complex patterns of language switching, abbreviated words, slang, inconsistent usage of punctuation, and heavy utilisation of emoji."

The SmartReply system will auto-suggest helpful responses to those who have left queries in the video's comments, but will only work with comments the AI thinks creators are likely to engage with, so won't suggest responses for comments from trolls.

SmartReply is designed to save time, as users don't have to type out their comment and can instead opt for the response given by the AI.

Currently, the updated SmartReply feature for YouTube is focused on English and Spanish, but Google plans to add more languages to its AI algorithm in the future.

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