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Snapchat Mini in-App mediation experience launches

The Snapchat Mini in-App mediation experience with Headspace is now live.

The new feature on the video platform - which was previously unveiled last month - sees mindfulness experts give free meditation sessions daily.

Speaking about joining forces with meditation service Headspace, Snapchat said: "During times of stress, connecting with friends and having moments of relaxation and mindfulness, have never been more important -- and by putting resources front and center where friends already meet and share, we hope Snap's Headspace feature will provide a safe space for friends to practice meditation and mindfulness exercises, and use these new tools to send encouraging messages to positively boost friends in need."

Other Snap Minis include Let's Do It, to make quick decisions with friends, and the Prediction Master, "an interactive messaging experience that allows Snapchatters to test each others' knowledge of what may happen in the future".

In March, Snapchat launched Here For You, "in light of the additional stress and anxiety people are experiencing due to COVID-19".

Here For You features "safety resources from local experts when Snapchatters search for certain topics, including those related to anxiety, depression, stress, grief, suicidal thoughts, and bullying.

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