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Three UK's lockdown art installation

Three UK has created a giant art installation showing illustrations of trending moments in the UK during the Covid-19 lockdown.

'How We Scrolled: Lockdown 2020', illustrated by artist Emmy Lupin, is a 25-metre long celebration of unique moments, memes and heroes who have kept the British public entertained in recent months.

Emmy said: "Lockdown has seen a rollercoaster of trending moments, playful antidotes to the global crisis that has enveloped us. In years gone by, woven tapestries have been created to commemorate key events, this piece is intended as a modern take on that - a tapestry for a connected world.

"From Joe Wicks to Joe Exotic, Connell's Chain to Captain Tom, House Party to Animal Crossing, the Boris Johnson Peri-ometer to Daisy May Cooper and the Sea Captain, and TikTok dances alongside Stanley Tucci's cocktails - there are almost 70 moments represented - it showcases a moment in history and some of the many things that we will never forget."

Key cultural topics were selected based on the UK's social media mentions from March to July and included the Black Lives Matter movement, Daisy May Cooper & The Sea Captain, Captain Tom Moore, Connell's Chain and 'Tiger King'.

To scroll through the artwork, visit Three on Instagram or Twitter to see a digital version.

'How we Scrolled: Lockdown 2020' supports Three's 'Keep on Connecting' campaign which launched earlier this month.

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