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Instagram rolling out QR codes worldwide

Instagram is rolling out QR codes worldwide.

The Facebook-owned social media app has made it easier for people to follow each other and businesses to be followed by launching their replacement to the Snapchat-style Nametag.

It was first launched in Japan, but users can now generate their own QR code for other users to scan and be sent to their profile with the latest update on the app.

All they have to do is open Instagram, head to their profile and tap on the three lines for the menu and then tap

Tap the three-line menu settings icon 'QR Code'.

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular.

Earlier this year, PayPal rolled out a new QR code feature in 28 countries.

In a bid to help stop the spread of coronavirus through through cash payments, the mobile app now let's users make payments at stores and everywhere else by scanning a QR code by screen or on a piece of paper using a smartphone's camera.

The likes of Visa, Mastercard and Walmart already use QR codes to take payment without contact.

There was also recently rumours of Apple introducing QR codes for payment on their devices.

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