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Instagram announces Suggested Posts feature

Instagram has announced a new Suggested Posts feature in a bid to keep users scrolling.

The new section was unveiled by the Facebook-owned social media app on Wednesday (19.08.20) and will appear at the bottom of people's feeds when all of their recent posts by the accounts they follow have been shown.

They will see a message which reads "you're all caught up", before being given suggestions of accounts to browse based on their interests and the kind of posts they interact with.

Robby Stein, Instagram's consumer products lead, told CNN: "It's like an extension of your feed."

It's a similar tool to the Explore page, however, Suggested Posts is more particular.

Instagram has said they have created Suggested Posts to make it "easier to go a little deeper".

They said in a statement: "We see people continuing to seek out more posts they're interested in after catching up with their feeds, so we wanted to learn from that and make it easier to go a little deeper for those who choose to do so."

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