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Mark Zuckerberg's not a fan of AR glasses so far

Mark Zuckerberg doesn't think AR glasses are "going to be good until you get normal-looking glasses".

The Facebook CEO says Augmented Reality glasses are challenging and he hasn't found any sets released yet that have been particularly "compelling", as they are either thick frames or resemble an "Apple Watch on your face".

However, he's hopeful that another company will be able to succeed in projecting holograms into the world with a standard pair of glasses in the future.

Speaking to The Verge at the Facebook Connect event, where they unveiled their Quest 2 VR headset, Zuckerberg gave his honest opinion of AR glasses.

He said: "AR is just going to be a lot harder. I really don't think that AR is going to be good until you get normal-looking glasses that can project holograms into the world. And now, glasses range from thin to pretty thick frames. I don't think we're anywhere near getting all the electronics that you would need to get into a thin frame. But the hope would be that you can get it into more normal-looking glasses in the first part of this decade or the first half of this decade.

"And that will be challenging, and people will take different approaches to getting that to work. The biggest shortcut that a lot of folks are trying to take is basically trying to not do full holograms in the world, and just show some heads-up information. I call that 'putting an Apple Watch on your face.'"

He added: "I don't personally find that particularly compelling. It's not a product that we're particularly excited about making. Maybe someone else will make it. It doesn't fit the kind of social use cases that we primarily care about."

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