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Android's Sound Notifications feature alerts people if their dog is barking

Android's new Sound Notifications feature will alert users if their dog is barking, their phone is ringing and more.

The new feature, which is available on Android phones, is ideal for deaf and blind people, as it can send them a message to let them know of any suspicious sounds inside their house, and also things like smoke and fire alarms, baby sounds and water running.

You can either receive a push notification, a flash of the camera light, or phone vibration.

As well as Android smartphones, Wear OS devices can activate Sound Notifications as well.

The Pixel phone range and “select other Android phones” can use the function and activate it via the accessibility menu in settings.

The Sound Notifications can alert users to:

Smoke and fire alarms



Baby sounds

Doorbell ringing


Dog barking

Appliance beeping

Water running

Landline phone ringing

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