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Facebook removes racist posts about Kamala Harris

Facebook has removed a host of racist and sexist posts about US Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris.

The social network company decided to take action against the offensive posts after BBC News alerted it to three groups that regularly hosted nasty comments about the American politician on their platforms.

However, Angelo Carusone, the president of Media Matters, is still unhappy with Facebook's approach to this kind of content.

Angelo explained: "Facebook's removal of this content only after it's been flagged to them by the media confirms that the rules and guidelines they establish are hollow because they put little to no effort into detection and enforcement.

"We are talking about the lowest of low-hanging fruit from a detection perspective. And yet, these escaped Facebook's notice until flagged by a third party."

Among the comments posted on the pages were inaccurate accusations about Harris, including suggestions she's not a US citizen because her parents were born in other countries.

In recent years, Facebook has come in for severe criticism over its approach to hate speech.

And earlier in 2020, hundreds of companies from around the world announced they wouldn't advertise on the platform in protest against its approach to the issue.

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