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Amazon's Echo Frames to get global release

Amazon’s Echo Frames are now available to the public.

The tech giants first announced plans for their smart glasses as part of 2019’s Day One Editions initiative, where they invited certain people to try out new products, including the Echo Frames.

And now, one year later, the smart glasses are officially being released to the public, who can pre-order a pair of the specs for $250.

When the glasses were first unveiled, they had a price tag of $180, but Amazon have now said the increase in price comes as the public launch of the goggles has been beefed up to include better audio, longer battery, new colour options, and a few new features.

The Echo Frames will now automatically adjust volume based on the users environment, including making Alexa louder when the user is in a noisy place, and quieter when the setting calls for less volume.

Amazon also says it’s increased battery life up to 40 percent for continuous playback at 60 percent volume compared to the previous iteration.

The glasses will also automatically switch off if placed upside down for three seconds, which Amazon hopes will help prolong the battery life.

Echo Frames will still support VIP Filter, which lets you prioritise which apps and contacts you actually want to hear from, and will now also come with support for calendars and group messages.

Amazon is also partnering with LensCrafters to create a version of the glasses that includes prescription lenses for those who usually wear glasses.

And although the Echo Frames will see a worldwide launch, the Echo Loop smart ring - which was also launched through the Day One Editions initiative - will not be moving forward into general production.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “The spirit of Day One Editions is that not all inventions will exit the program. With Echo Frames generally available, we have also decided that Echo Loop will not advance beyond the Day One Editions program, with production and sales ending.”

The Amazon Echo Frames are set to be released on December 10, and preorders are available now.

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