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Brits want to simplify busy mornings

Amazon's Alexa can help people streamline their mornings - with 33% of Brits wanting a simpler start to the day.

Routines have changed during the coronavirus pandemic with 39% of people in the UK making the most of having more time before work.

According to a study by Atomik Research, the average Brit has 10 different tasks to complete before work, with people having to multitask to get everything done.

To show the power of Alexa Routines - with a voice command able to trigger up to 99 actions in one routine - Amazon has unveiled a Rube Goldberg-inspired machine.

The contraption - made from household items and 543 parts, including 80 dominoes - navigates four specific moments during a typical morning routine including turning on the bedroom lights, playing the radio, turning on the coffee machine and tuning into a workout on Fire TV.

Eric King - Director of Alexa Europe - said: "Alexa is on hand to help busy households run more smoothly.

"We hope that customers enjoy creating bespoke Routines to help them save time by setting alarms, reminders and switching on the lights with one simple voice request."

And Dennis Stansbury - Alexa UK & Ireland Country Manager - added: "The Alexa Morning Routine Machine shows how a complicated set of actions can be simplified with Alexa. We hope it brings some joy, as well as more time, to customers.”

To create an Alexa routine, go to the Routines section in the Alexa App. You can also share Routines with others using a link or QR code from the Alexa App.

The full Amazon Alexa Morning Routine video can be viewed here:, and blueprints to make your own machine can be found at

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