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Facebook introducing news feed changes

Facebook will now let users limit comments on their public posts to friends or only people tagged in the post.

The social networking site is also planning to make it easier for people to have their main news feed in a "chronological" order with the latest posts up first.

This model was ditched back in 2009, with the company preferring to use algorithms to rank the content.

However, Facebook's vice-president Nick Clegg acknowledged a lack of transparency and information which had led to users not trusting the feed.

Now, the 'most recent' option has been moved to a new 'feed filter bar' which can be found at the top of news feeds.

As introduced in October, Facebook will also let people to prioritise friends' posts - up to 30 users - before the algorithm takes over.

Meanwhile, the "Why am I seeing this?" links will now add further transparency by detailing the criteria for recommended posts.

Clegg commented: "Content ranking is a dynamic partnership between people and algorithms.

"Your news feed is shaped heavily by your choices and actions."

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