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WhatsApp's new vaccine sticker pack

WhatsApp have joined forces with the World Health Organisation on a new vaccine sticker pack.

The technology giant has released a new pack of fun stickers that can be used on its messaging platform to celebrate the joy, relief and hope people have been feeling after getting their coronavirus vaccination.

Writing in a blog post on their website, they said: "WhatsApp is proud to announce a new sticker pack with the World Health Organisation (WHO) called 'Vaccines for All'. We hope these stickers offer people a fun and creative way to connect and privately express the joy, relief, and hope they feel about the possibilities the COVID-19 vaccines offer, and to show their appreciation for the healthcare heroes who have continued their life-saving work during this long and difficult time."

WhatsApp have also partnered with more than 150 governments - nationally, state and locally - doing COVID-19 helplines.

They added: "As the pandemic enters a new phase in many countries, governments are using these helplines to connect citizens privately to accurate vaccine information and registration, in countries such as Indonesia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, and India. In Indonesia, 500,000 medical workers registered for their vaccine appointments on this service in its first 5 days. We want to help governments and international organisations connect as many people around the world to vaccine information and services as possible, especially those in hard-to-reach places or in marginalised groups. We've also waived the fees that come from sending messages through our WhatsApp Business API."

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