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Facebook joins Rust Foundation

Facebook has officially joined the Rust Foundation.

The non-profit organisation - which was launched earlier in 2021 with founding members Microsoft, Google, Huawei, Mozilla and Amazon Web Services (AWS) - now counts the social media platform among its roster.

The open source programming language - originally developed by Mozilla in 2010 - has been a favourite with developers over the past decade.

Facebook first used the language for its own internal source control tool five years ago, but now it has formalised its association with the language.

The engineering team wrote in a blog post: "For developers, Rust offers the performance of older languages like C++ with a heavier focus on code safety.

"Today, there are hundreds of developers at Facebook writing millions of lines of Rust code."

Joel Marcey - Open Source ecosystem lead at Facebook - has joined the Rust Foundation Board, and he explained the company's decision.

He added: "We are joining the Rust Foundation to help contribute to, improve and grow this language that has become so valuable to us and developers around the world.

"We look forward to participating with the other foundation members and the Rust community to make Rust a mainstream language of choice for systems programming and beyond."

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