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Instagram Live Rooms' new feature

Instagram Live Rooms hosts can now mute audio.

The social media platform unveiled the new Live Rooms back in March, which allows four users to chat at once rather than just one on one, but an all important new feature has been added, which will allow the host of the live stream to mute the audio. The user is also able to switch their video off.

Instagram said in a statement: "By giving people the option to mute their audio or turn off their video, hosts will have added flexibility for their livestream experience, as the added functionality could help decrease pressure to look or sound a certain way while broadcasting live. It's a quick, low-lift way to connect with their community and audience and have a real back-and-forth conversation."

When the new feature was released two months ago, Instagram shared their hope it would be used for podcasts or talk shows or co-creation between artists.

They said in a statement at the time: "Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve seen people on Instagram embrace Live in different ways. In the past year, special moments have happened on Live, including informational talks about science and COVID-19 guidelines, interviews with celebrities and record-breaking rap battles. Creators of all kinds — from fitness instructors to musicians, beauty bloggers, chefs and activists, all relied on Live to create moments and bring people together to reach their communities in creative ways. We can’t wait to see what more creativity comes from this highly-requested update."

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