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Instagram users may have to prove identities with video selfies

Instagram users could be asked to prove their identities via video selfies.

The Verge has reported that the image-sharing site has been asking some users to provide video selfies to use their accounts as normal.

It has been suggested that Instagram are introducing the new feature to combat the increasing number of bots on the platform.

The company has long had a problem with the amount of bots on the site with an estimated 95 billion bot accounts on the network - comprising almost 10 per cent of the platform's one billion users.

The original report from XDA Developers claims that Instagram allegedly began testing the new feature last year but didn't push it through due to technical problems.

Several users have taken to Twitter to discuss the new changes, with social media consultant Matt Navarra suggesting that it goes against the company's promise not to collect biometric data from its users.

He tweeted: "Instagram is now using video selfies to confirm users identity

"Meta promises not to collect biometric data."

Instagram has promised users that the video selfies that are being used to verify user accounts will never be visible on the platform and are to be deleted after 30 days.

The social media firm has also claimed that they are neither using the facial recognition tech for the selfies nor collecting biometric data from users.

There has been no confirmation from parent company Meta about whether this will be an official rule change or whether the changes will be gradually introduced.

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