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Samsung pledge to be more eco-friendly in 2022

Samsung has promised to become more eco-friendly in 2022.

The tech giant - which offers a range of mobile phones, televisions and computer devices to millions of consumers around the world - has pledged that products made this year will use 30 times more reused materials than in 2021 and by 2025 every phone and appliance they produce will utilise recycled materials.

In a statement, JH Han, head of Samsung Electronics, said: "Every year, Samsung sells half a billion devices. Size carries responsibility that any changes his company makes can cause ripples across the industry. Millions of everyday changes can make a meaningful impact for our planet."

The pledge was made as part of the company's 'Together for Tomorrow' sustainability campaign, as revealed at the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) 2022.

Han added: "“I’m excited for you to be a part of our vision to see how innovation can create positive change, [and] to join us and work together for tomorrow. These developments will make sustainability part of your product experience, enabling you to live a more sustainable life."

In a statement posted on their website, Samsung detailed that "it will be expanding the use of recycled materials to include the boxes’ interior packaging as well. Now, recycled materials will be incorporated into Styrofoam, box holders and plastic bags", before Han added in his speech that while these are "important steps", Samsung cannot reach their sustainability goals on their own.

He said: "These are important steps but we cannot achieve our goals alone. We believe open innovation and collaboration are keys to fighting climate change and protecting our environment"

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