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Samsung debuts world's first 481-foot LED signage system at F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Samsung debuts world's first 481-foot LED signage system at F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Samsung has shown off the world's first 481-foot LED signage system at the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The South Korean tech giant's epic invention sits on the rooftop of the 1,000-foot-long racing circuit building that is around 2,617 square meters.

It boasts a 10mm LED display, 22 million pixels, and is wider than a football ground.

The sign is of the F1 logo and required a whopping 25,000 LED module units.

The races are screened on the logo in extreme close-up.

Renee Wilm, Chief Executive Officer of Las Vegas Grand Prix, Inc., said, “Through our partnership, we are achieving this goal with the innovative technology that Samsung has brought to the Las Vegas Strip Circuit.”

Meanwhile, it was recently claimed that Samsung is looking to include on-device AI for their upcoming S24 models.

The tech company has begun to detail its own AI model, Samsung Gauss, that could run locally on their devices.

According to a report from Korea Times, tech fans will be able to get their hands on the new machine-learning algorithm as early as the release of Samsung’s next flagship smartphones, which typically launch in February.

In a showcase of the technology during its AI forum, the company explained how Gauss could become a “core function” of the smartphone experience.

It said: “Samsung Gauss Language, a generative language model, enhances work efficiency by facilitating tasks such as composing emails, summarizing documents and translating content.“It can also enhance the consumer experience by enabling smarter device control when integrated into products.”

The tech giant also revealed the AI is named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, “the legendary mathematician who established normal distribution theory, the backbone of machine learning and AI.”

Before the new AI arrives next year, the company announced in September that it would be bringing generative AI to its virtual assistant Bixby, though Vice President of Samsung Electronic Home Appliances division Miyoung Yoo admitted it would not be as powerful as ChatGPT.

He said: “When we think of generative AI, we often think of ChatGPT, but we are not aiming for such a heavy service.

“Even if the user hasn’t used a set command, Bixby will understand the context of the conversation and enable more natural communication.”

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