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GTA VI potentially delayed as development is ‘falling behind’

GTA VI potentially delayed as development is ‘falling behind’

‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ ('GTA VI') could be delayed as development is reportedly “falling behind”.

The much-anticipated title, which is helmed by Rockstar Games, was announced in December 2023, with the broad release window of 2025.

However, according to a new report from Kotaku, the project is facing delays after development has slipped.

In the article, the publisher claimed that Rockstar’s new policy of compulsory office-working has taken a hit on employees, who are now reportedly struggling to cope with the change.

As a result, Kotaku has said that ‘GTA VI’ could miss its 2025 release window altogether, with its launch potentially slipping to the following year.

Recently, two anonymous Rockstar employees had come forward to bash the company’s decision to prohibit remote working.

In an interview with Aftermath, one developer said: “We're quite worried that we're gonna lose personnel over this or it will have a large negative impact on people's health.”

The other worker added: “It's a very anti-parent move. For people with disabilities, it's a massive problem.

“Having people who've been through [the final stages of game development before], is better than having people who haven't had that experience – who might make mistakes they otherwise wouldn't if there wasn't this pressure. Losing key people in teams would be very, very bad.”

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