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2K insisted on Bioshock's multiple endings

2K insisted on Bioshock's multiple endings

2K insisted on 'Bioshock' having multiple endings.

The game's creator Ken Levine has admitted he "didn't really have his heart in" the idea of the classic 2007 title having a couple of options for players, and he thinks that was evident in the way the endings panned out.

He told IGN: "I didn't really want the two different endings and that was one of the few concessions.

"The publisher didn't make too many demands on us, so I don't want to say they were overbearing, but that was one thing they really wanted and I didn't really have my heart in.

"I don't think those endings were super great. They wanted the two endings and I wanted a much more ambiguous ending and let the player do a lot of the work in their head."

Levine insisted he "never wrote" the ending he would have chosen for the original game, but "kind of felt I wanted to".

He added: "'BioShock' is a complicated world. You are harvesting, potentially harvesting Little Sisters and we're not really trying to say this is how you should think about the things.

"Our games, we tend to make games that don't answer questions for people who would ask questions. We're just trying to stay objective in 'BioShock.' "

Back in 2007, Levine admitted to GameSpot that he wanted a "more ambiguous" ending, but he isnt' "sure if that would have been the right thing".

He admitted at the time that he hoped he would refine his approach to branching endings on future projects, which could prove to be the case in his new game 'Judas'.

He told IGN: "Depending on what you do in the endings can be quite... I mean I'm not giving away too much. There are some substantial differences."

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