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AI to create 'live forever mode'

AI to create 'live forever mode'

Boffins at 3D metaverse platform Somnium Space are set to trial a "live forever mode" which lets users exist in the form of a digital avatar after they have died.

The technology has been pioneered by the company's founder Artur Sychov after his father was diagnosed with cancer using AI to recreate a person's voice, mannerisms and movements after just 30 minutes of observation - meaning they will be able to live forever online and allow family and friends to interact with a version of the person they lost.

Artur told Sky News: "You can get to know the person. You can hear their voice ... You get to talk to them about different topics, and you get to inject a little bit of their personality.

"And with time, you'd actually be more and more precise. It would be more like them."

He added: "In a way, we all want to live forever in the things that we do, and we want the idea of us, the legacy of us to live on throughout our generations.

"So being able to actually create an idea of me that future generations can look back upon and kind of like, say and talk to and reflect on. It's very exciting.

"Instead of my kids having to hear stories of me and kind of make an idea of what they think I am in the past, they can actually talk to me and really know who I was, and that will give them a stronger sense of self."

The outlet reports Somnium Space will start trials of "live forever mode" at its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic ahead of the technology's official launch.

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