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ARION transforms running technique

A company promise to "transform" a person's running technique with a piece of wearable technology.

A specially designed pair of ARION insoles slip into any shoe whilst the ARION training pod helps to accurately monitor the wearer's movement.

Descrbing the product on their website, the company said: "ARION is a next-generation running wearable that will transform the way you run. Its automated coaching AI will work with you to change your running technique. Improved running technique can help you to reduce the risk of injury, improve performance and enhance the running experience.

"The smart, flexible and ultra-thin ARION insoles slip neatly under your existing running shoe insoles. With 8 sensors accurately measuring the interaction between your foot and the ground you are running on, the ARION smart insole transforms your shoe into a running lab. Over 20 running parameters offer unparalleled insights into your running technique and drive ARION's unique AI coaching engine.

"ARION training pods are rugged, waterproof and feature a multi-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS. It's a high-performance instrument collecting and processing valuable data at lightning speed, providing a complete picture of your running technique. The customizable LEDs increase your visibility and safety while running at night. These powerful pods give you the freedom to leave your phone at home, focus on your running and still record full data and metrics."

The device also links to a phone or computer app, which allows you to track your performance live or be coached by ARION's coaching AI.

They add: "The ARION app is your portal to cutting-edge exercise science, creating simple, intuitive and easy to understand interfaces through which you can transform the way you run. Track your performance live with the app and receive audio feedback from ARION's coaching AI on how to adapt and evolve your running with every step. You can also set your goals and targets, connect with real coaching and build your own training schedules."

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