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Vending machines sell Instagram likes

Vending machines selling Instagram likes have been popping up in Russia.

The devices - which have been installed in shopping centres across the country in cities including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Saratov, Petrozavodsk and Cheboksary - allow you to become an Instagram hit with a small payment and just a few clicks of a button.

The machine - which has also been installed in Prague - was created by Snatap and allows users to pay 50 rubles, roughly 69p, to receive 100 likes on a photograph and 100 rubes, around £1.38, if they want 100 new followers.

It is not known exactly how the device works but after putting the money in, users must log into their Instagram account with the touch screen and select which picture they want to have the likes on. The likes or followers are then added to their profile as requested. The machine can also be used to add fake likes or followers on a VK profile, a popular social networking site within Russia, as well as take selfies and print Instagram photos.

It is also possible to rent the machine for less than £200 but it is not known how long the user can keep it for at this price.

However, there is a slight catch for anyone who uses it.

They revealed: "Snatap automatically adds customer's friends in social networks after printing photos and and sends requests to the client's friends. This is how the number of your loyal customers increases."

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