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Samsung debuts The Frame TV

Samsung's new television, which doubles as a piece of art, has gone on sale.

The multinational company has released their brand new television that seamlessly becomes a piece of art when it is not in use.

The 55-inch model costs $2,000 whilst the 65-inch model is $2,800. Optional wood frames - which are available in white, walnut and beige - are available for $200 each for the smaller size and $250 for the larger.

Writing about the product on their website, Samsung shared: "Introducing The Frame - a ground breaking TV designed to look like a picture hanging on the wall.

"Instead of fading to a black screen, The Frame transforms to display a custom designed piece of art, to blend beautifully into your interior design. Art can be selected from The Frame gallery to reflect your style."

The television has a built in motion sensor, detecting when someone is present and it will then display the art. After a period of no movement, it will turn off and thus saves power. Whilst on, it will use its ambient light sensor, which matches the brightness level to that of the room.

Industrial designer Yves Behar, who worked on the Frame with Samsung, said previously: "We showed Samsung an idea which was not about how thin we could make the TV or stand, because this is how tech is usually designed. We took a counterpoint to that. We could make it thicker, make it more intelligent, and make it fit more into the home. It's a counter-intuitive approach to designing a TV. The real key was integrating sensors in the TV.

"Some of the art was commissioned especially for this, and some has been specifically scaled by the artists so the images look good in this ratio. And the UI is really beautiful so when you switch off your TV it automatically transitions to Art Mode. It's seamless."

The television comes with a selection of art to be used on the Art Mode but there is also a premium gallery where users can pay $20 for one or pay $5 per month as a subscription fee to access them all.

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