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Amazon unveils Dash Wand

Amazon have unveiled the Dash Wand, a kitchen assistant which helps you order your groceries to your door.

The electronic commerce company have developed their Dash Wand to work with their intelligent personal assistant device Alexa to allow the user to shop via AmazonFresh and

They write on their website: "Dash Wand is a wifi enabled kitchen assistant that helps you shop AmazonFresh and millions of everyday essentials on

"Say it or scan a barcode. It's added to your shopping cart. Just say "paper towels". Water-resistant, durable design, and magnetic so you can stick it on your fridge."

Those who purchase the Amazon Dash Wand - which retails at $20 - are currently being offered $20 off their next purchase after they register the device, for a limited time, and a chance to try AmazonFresh free for 90 days.

Amazon also has a range of Dash Buttons for a number of household brands including Andrex, Ariel, Finish, Lenor, Fairy, Kleenex, Dettol, Vanish, Gillette and Listerine.

Explaining how it works on their website, they wrote: "Amazon Dash Button is a Wi-Fi-connected device that reorders your favourite product with the press of a button. Each Dash Button is paired with a product of your choice, which is selected during the setup process. When you're running low, simply press Dash Button - ensuring you never run out of your essentials again.

"Dash Button is set up and managed through the Amazon App on your Android or iOS smartphone and works in any location with a Wi-Fi connection. Once setup is complete, a notification (if enabled) is sent to your smartphone every time an order is placed."

Amazon's Dash Wand retails for $20.

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