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Pal-V Liberty flying car to be made

A flying car will be put into production in October 2017.

The Pal-V Liberty - which can travel both on the road and in the sky - has been "inspired by nature" and has a "unique" three-wheel design.

Writing about the vehicle on their website, they shared: "Inspired by nature, engineered by men and evolved over time, the PAL-V Liberty is a groundbreaking product that inaugurates the age of the flying car. The PAL-V Liberty is a marriage between safety and fun, designed to satisfy the most demanding customers ...

"Among many unique features, the PAL-V Liberty has two distinct attributes that set it apart from all other concepts. The first is that lift is created by a wind-powered rotor, making the PAL-V Liberty float in the air. Taking this gyroplane principle to the next level is the secret behind the safest and easiest flying vehicle on the market.

"Another attribute of the PAL-V Liberty that adds to its uniqueness is the three-wheel design and the soft tilting motion in curves. As a result, the PAL-V Liberty is a joy to drive and to fly, with a matchless drive and flight experience, as well as unequaled freedom of mobility."

The Pal-V Liberty also has ideas on how to get past two of the drawbacks of driving and flying - traffic jams and bad weather respectively.

They added: "Successful people hate to waste time. So we deliberately designed the PAL-V Liberty to free you from the ties of traffic. Now you are in control of your individual travel schedule. Plan your appointments when it suits you. No more airport parking hassles and no taxi, train, bus or rental car required after landing. A traffic jam? Just fly over it.

"Stranded at the airstrip due to bad weather? Not with the PAL-V Liberty. Outsmart the weather and drive to where visibility is fine and take off again. The PAL-V Liberty is the only aviation vehicle that seamlessly allows you to continue your journey. You'll be on time for your meeting or safely home without delay."

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