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Facial recognition vending machines

Vending machines might soon be able to recognise a person's face.

If you find yourself always heading to the same place to get your morning coffee fix or teatime snack, your favourite food or drink could soon be waiting for you without you even asking after a team of developers started work on a vending machine with built-in facial recognition.

Canonical have teamed up with smart vending firm InnovaPOS to create the unique vending machine, which could also include a Wi-Fi hotspot, extra payment options including PayPal and near field communication, such as Apple Pay, and social network buttons so you can share what you've opted for for your snack.

Writing on their website, they shared: "We turn traditional vending machines into Smart Vending Machines by creating digital and interactive media that, in addition to selling, enable brands to communicate and interact with their consumers, giving them a true brand experience.

"Smart Vending enables brands to connect with their customers through a wide range of unique experiences, displayed at the right time so that they influence purchasing behaviour and improve machine operation by generating leads and increasing sales and consumer loyalty.

"Our revolutionary and unique CCM device on the market 'takes over' the functionalities of the machine by connecting directly to the baseplate of the same and any peripheral or connected systems such as touch screens, remote PCs or smartphones becomes a means to interact with the machine."

The machines can also allow the brand access to control and adapt the machine remotely.

They add on their website: "[The vending machine can] involve your customers through the interactive screen [whilst using] remote content management, interactivity, promotions and cross-selling. It can analyse customer profiles and connect the machine with any peripheral including joysticks, gamepads, keyboards, tablets or smartphones.

"[It gives the brand a] visualisation of data, stock levels, temperature, customer profiles and sales in real time from the control panel [as well as] remote and real-time management of all parameters of the machine such as cooling, lighting, prices or menu language and even turning the machine on and off."

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