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SolePower unveil smart work boots

An American start-up firm have created a pair of smart work boots.

SolePower have unveiled a pair of shoes, which are "embedded with electronics including GPS, motion sensors, wifi, RFID and lights" that are all powered by the person's footsteps.

It is thought the shoes would be best used by the construction industry to monitor the person's location on a building site as well as their energy levels and if they have taken a fall.

Explaining on their website what the boots can do, they write: "They can track workflow with improved job site visibility in dynamic environments. Quickly access information that saves time & money ...

"There is a constant visibility of the location of workers on a site. Automatic alerts of unsafe environmental conditions and hazards ...

"They simplify monitoring and compliance to meet industry regulations and company safety protocols."

Whilst Andrew Ronchi, Construction Executive, added: "The latest in innovative wearable sensor technologies are helping businesses verify new methods of working that are safer and more efficient, which has the power to change how workplaces operate and ultimately improve."

It is not the first power-generating shoe they have created, with the company launching a Kickstarter campaign a few years back to create a shoe which would charge your mobile phone on the go.

Writing on their Kickstarter page at the time, they shared: "SolePower is a power-generating shoe insole for charging portable electronics like cell phones, music players, or GPS devices.

"Foot-powered, energy harvesting devices aren't anything new. What we're doing differently is building the device into a removable insole so it doesn't need to be embedded in a shoe. This means you can swap it between your favorite pair of sneakers and your hiking boots."

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