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Lightyear unveil car which runs on solar power

A Dutch start up company have created a car which runs on solar power.

Lightyear have unveiled their brand new vehicle - called Lightyear One - which "charges itself with clean solar power".

Writing about the car on their website, they shared: "The Lightyear One charges itself with clean solar power. In sunny conditions it can drive for months without charging, a truly unique capability. The battery stores energy to ensure you can drive at night. It offers great peace of mind.

"Since you do not need charging points, the Lightyear One will take you anywhere. Charge using the sun, or any normal power plug. The Lightyear One has four independent driven wheels that will make sure you are prepared for surprises on the road ahead. Start planning your next big trip.

"The Lightyear One's optimized aerodynamics and weight saving features greatly improve its range. Depending on your battery configuration you have between 400 - 800 km of range buffered in the battery."

The team behind the Lightyear One believe the car could also have uses in developing countries as it doesn't need to charge anywhere specific.

Explaining why they wanted to develop this car, they added: "We love electric cars. But, at present, electric cars have a scaling problem. Only 3% of the world's population has access to a public charging spot within 15 km and is therefore dependent on third parties to build the infrastructure for them to be able to use an electric car.

"Lightyear's solution is straightforward. What if cars can be charged by what is already available almost everywhere in the world? Regular, household powerplugs and the sun. Even in countries like India, over 80% of the people already have access to both these.

A car that can charge anywhere.

"Currently, all cars of the world combined drive one light year, every year. That is 9.500.000.000.000 km. Every year. Powered by fossil fuels. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of electric cars so that by 2030, one light year will have been driven electric. To that, we are providing a scalable solution."

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