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Never worry about parking again with the Find + Pay app

A Swedish firm promises you'll never have to search for a parking space again with their new Find & Pay smartphone app.

EasyPark have created an app which can give you the probability of finding a parking spot in a particular area at any time of the day, whilst also showing the route to the space and allowing the user to remotely pay for the parking space when they arrive.

Explaining how it works, they said: "Find & Pay combines huge volumes of transaction data with crowd-sourced location information from users and IoT devices to create an accurate parking probability map of every city block for any given hour of the day.

"Using this information, Find & Pay gives users a route to their destination that passes along streets with the highest probability of parking availability - constantly balancing time in-car against walking distance to destination to find the optimal route.

"Find & Pay provides turn-by-turn navigation along the route, also noting available off-street parking along the route, and lets users remotely manage and pay for the parking space when they arrive, creating a simple, seamless experience."

The app will be launched in Stockholm, Sweden in September of this year and will then be rolled out across 30 major European cities as the months go on. London and New York are set to follow in 2018.

Johan Birgersson, CEO of the company, said: "Today's navigation options take you to your destination, but fall flat when you need to find somewhere to park. It's a very frustrating experience when you get where you need to go, but simply can't park your car - Find and Pay solves this significant challenge for motorists.

"We're hugely excited to start bringing the technology to market and to see the profound impact it will have on driver frustration and the challenges of congestion and pollution in cities. This technology has the potential to reduce emissions in cities by hundreds of thousands of tonnes.

"We are solving the top two needs expressed by motorists in independent surveys: rapidly finding a place to park close to their end destination; and remotely managing and paying for their parking, all in one simple mobile user experience. But this is just the first step; our technologists will continue to innovate alongside the automotive industry, integrating seamless parking experiences with in-car interfaces, alongside the EasyPark app."

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