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Pavegen - smart paving that tracks footfall

A technology company has developed paving slabs that convert energy from footsteps into power.

Pavegen have created the slabs that can convert footsteps to digital currency, track footfall and identify footfall hotspots.

Explaining how it works, they wrote on their website: "Pavegen is shifting to become a permanent and commercial smart-flooring solution. The technology has evolved from a singular tile, which generates electricity from footsteps, to an entire array with three multi-functional component parts. These functionalities are called: data, floor and energy. The new Pavegen System, is poised to power the data-driven smart cities of tomorrow ...

"By stepping on our tiles and connectivity via a mobile app, each footstep collected is converted into a digital currency that can be used to reward loyalty or to donate to charitable causes.The Pavegen system continuously monitors footfall, providing the ability to predict peak timings and prime locations. The unique design also monitors directional flow to provide a comprehensive analysis of movement patterns.

"Consumer behaviour can be understood by measuring footfall intensity and identifying the number of people walking within a designated area."

The smart flooring comes in a variety of colours and finishes to suit different requirements.

They added: "Pavegen utilises commercial vinyl as a top surface for our flooring system. The resilient flooring exceeds international safety standards with high slip resistance for its entire life cycle. Offering four types of construction flooring including smooth, rubber, resin and safety this will allow for seamless integration into any indoor or outdoor location.

"Pavegen top sheet surfaces can be tailored to any visual design specification. This customised flooring can be used as a unique advertising space or to reflect any brand identity. Our new design is both visually impressive and technologically advanced. The triangular composition maximises energy output and data capture, by triggering multiple generators per footstep."

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