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Company create autonomous carriage

An Italian company have created the world's first autonomous horse carriage.

The team at CAMAL Studio have designed a luxurious carriage, which can sit four people and is a length of 7 metres, a width of 2.5 metres and 2 metres high.

They wrote on their website: "VIVA was born to offer exclusivity to an increasingly growing demand from special clients, finding its position above today's standards for a vehicle and approaching the ideal of luxury used on the nautical and architectural fields.

"The style of VIVA is born as an expression of pure form. Basic geometrics transform and intersect themselves in a rational movement, interrupted by an asymmetrical cover with a complex craftsmanship. Order and movement combines volumes, colours and materials that are brought to life by the reflecting light. The true luxury becomes time, a value that cannot be measured economically and that lives through styles and costumes."

The horses' movement would also be converted into electricity to recharge the lithium batteries and the motor can assist the horses when they get tired.

They added: "Horses act as a traction in carriage mode recharging the lithium batteries. In case of effort or fatigue due to the changing ground, horses are assisted by the electric motors in order to reduce the impact on the traction.

"In this mode, as in the previous one, horses don't act as an ornament but as a real support for the self-driving of the carriage, guided by the animal intelligence like once in former times creating a symbiosis with men. The third stage of the vehicle involves the detachment of the horses in special equipped parking areas, transforming the carriage into a totally electric autonomous vehicle.

"VIVA doesn't want to be the car of tomorrow but the status of the future luxury, for this reason it is not meant to become a design icon but wants to show a possible future where elegance and luxury can co-exist with concepts of sustainable mobility, respecting and enhancing the environment and the elements that surround men."

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