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London's iconic black cabs to become electric

London's iconic black cabs are set to become electric.

The London Taxi Company - who make the cabs - are set to rebrand as the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) and will start to roll out their electric cars in the British capital by November time.

Chris Gubbey, chief executive, said: "The launch of LEVC marks Britain's leadership as a first mover in creating the world's only dedicated electric vehicle company for the urban commercial market ...

"They [diesel cabs] will disappear, this is the way forward. [But] that won't be as immediate as people think ... There's always been a place for private hire and a premium product. [But] you can't rest on your laurels and say I'm ringfenced."

Whilst LEVC have confirmed that the car would initially cost more, it would have much lower running costs as well as £100 less on fuel costs every week.

Alan Filsell, a black cab driver, added: "They're talking to us about £50,000 [for the new car]. These are about £43,000. It's bigger than a mortgage. They [other cab drivers] reckon if the batteries go wrong, it'll cost £8,000. I do like the look of it, don't get me wrong."

The TX has a small petrol generator, giving drivers over 70 miles to run on pure electric and a combined level of over 400 miles.

Greenpeace have welcomed the new taxi cabs.

Anna Jones, a clean air campaigner at Greenpeace, said: "The UK should be proud of having produced the London EV Company, and its progressive attitude towards cleaning our air and reducing emissions. The tide is turning on diesel, and now is the time for the car industry as a whole to fully embrace new electric technology in order to stay relevant and competitive."

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