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MACROPACK lunchbox helps you count calories

A tech company have created the "world's first innovative lunchbox" that helps you weigh your food.

For those who like to calorie count, the MACROPACK lets you weigh all of your food in ounces or grams.

Writing on their IndieGoGo page, they shared: "Everyone wants to be healthy. But amidst increasingly busier lives, it's hard for most people to stay healthy. MACROPACK is an innovative lunchbox designed to help you track your macros anywhere, anytime. It is the first lunchbox with a built-in smart digital scale. With a new sleek compact design, MACROPACK will be your portable nutrition coach.

"With increasing options of eating out and the difficulty of preparing meal, it's next to impossible to know the calories in the food and track your dieting progress. This challenge is why we created MACROPACK, the world's first lunchbox + smart scale that will keep you fit. The lunchbox is built with a unique system of modular Macro Containers, that allow you to conveniently prepare meals of all sizes for your day.

"Eyeballing portions is about as accurate as predicting the weather. Unfortunately, carrying around a kitchen scale for every meal can be an overwhelming commitment. That is why we designed the smart digital Macro Scale to fit in your life. This lightweight scale will allow you to be accountable in tracking your daily progress. Now you can track your macros on-the-go, anytime and anywhere!"

The MACROPACK's weighing scales are particularly useful for those who want to follow a macro diet.

They added on their page: "A macro diet goes a step further than typical calorie counting. All you need to do is count grams of proteins, carbs and fats - known as macronutrients -you're eating within your calorie goal. Next you'll need to identify the appropriate ratio of proteins, carbs and fats you need in your diet to achieve your goal.

"If your goal is losing weight or building muscle, the major upside of counting macros is that, if done correctly, it's proven to work! With MACROPACK you will be able to easily start tracking your macros and mastering your portions for meal prep."

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