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Amazon's Audible release audiobooks for dogs

Amazon's Audible are creating audiobooks for dogs.

The electronic commerce company has teamed up with dog behaviour expert Cesar Millan to collate audio tracks that can be played in the house when the owner's pet pooch has to be left alone.

In a demonstration video, Millan said: "The dog does get used to human talking, but when the human leaves, that's when he misses that tone, that's when he misses that conversation."

Leslie, a Californian resident who tried out the audio tracks, felt "guilty" about leaving her dog behind when she went out but now feels a "great comfort" having these tracks to rely on.

She added: "I would always feel guilty about leaving him alone, but with the audible book I felt like I was leaving him with a friend, so it gave me a great feeling of comfort to be able to do that and it relieves some of my guilt when I had to go out."

However, Millan says each device would have to be adjusted to the particular dog in terms of the sound level and narration style preference.

He shared: "Over time, the echo will become a reassuring sight for your dog, letting them know they can relax. Every dog is different, so watch your dog's behavior and make sure it's not too loud - if it's too loud for you, it's too loud for them."

A study was carried out over a 28-day period with 100 volunteers, who monitored how playing the audio book affected their pooches.

They also tried out different types of narration styles to see which the dogs preferred. Each participant was given survey questions that had to be filled out each day and included questions that dealt with the audiobook's genre, the volume and the narration type, for example if a male or female voice was preferred.

Each person surveyed had to observe their dog and its behaviour when they left the house and then for at least an hour afterwards.

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