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Dancing robots descend on Guangzhou

Over 1000 dancing robots descended on Guangzhou last week.

Engineers watched on as the 1,069 Dobi robots they had programmed danced in sync with each other in a performance outside the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Centre on August 17.

During the dance, the robots tapped their feet in sync to the music and even gave their best shot at a twerk.

The dancing robots broke the Guinness World Record for the most robots dancing at the same time, beating the record that had previously been held by the 1,007 robots who danced at the Qingdao Beer Festival back in July 2016.

Dobi has been designed by Chinese toy company WL Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, who created the clever robot with input from the team at Harbin Institute of Technology.

Writing about the robot, they shared: "Dobi has 17 digital servos, corresponding to 17 joints, with which he can conduct complex actions. Each of the servos has its own ID, enabling a certain joint to rotate or move. Dobi has a self-balancing system, so he can get up on his own after falling down ... Dobi has a built in Bluetooth 4, supporting multitasking. You can connect several robots with one mobile device and control the robots with the app."

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