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Google Maps unveil new parking feature

Google promise to help you find a parking space with their new Maps feature.

The technology giant have extended their new software, allowing users in 25 cities across the world to get a little assistance when it comes to finding a place to park their vehicle.

Writing in a blog post about the new feature, Google shared: "Finding a parking spot is always top of mind, so we're rolling out an update to the parking difficulty icons feature we launched earlier this year, and introducing a brand new one. Starting today, people in 25 additional cities outside of the United States can use parking difficulty icons on Google Maps for Android and iOS.

"To see how hard it might be to park where you're headed, just get directions to your destination and look for the parking difficulty icon in the directions card at the bottom of the screen. Parking difficulties range from limited to medium to easy and are based on historical parking data with a little machine learning magic."

By clicking the 'find parking' button in serviced locations, users will be presented with a map of the nearest parking spots where they can then get directions to them.

They added: "Since parking can be unpredictable, we're rolling out the ability to find parking near your destination on Google Maps for Android. In 25 US cities, people can tap "find parking" on the directions card to see a list of parking garages and lots near their destination. Once they tap their selected option, it's automatically added to their trip. And they'll even get walking directions from their parking spot to their final destination. How's that for door to door service? With parking difficulty icons, the ability to find parking, and save your parking location on the map, Google Maps gets you from point A to point B and everything in between."

Parking difficulty icons have now been made available in European cities including Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Malaga, Manchester, Milan and Paris as well as across the globe in Rio de Janeiro, Toronto and Vancouver. The feature is also available in a number of US cities.

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