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Samsung developing VR diagnosis software

Samsung are developing virtual reality software to help diagnose patients.

The technology giant have teamed up with Gangnam Severance Hospital and content maker FNI to work on VR tools that could help diagnose patients with mental health issues.

They will be focusing on cognitive behaviour therapies to aid suicide prevention as well as psychological assessments.

Samsung are planning to use their Gear VR headset as well as the Gear S3 smartwatch, the S Health app and virtual assistant Bixby as they work on developing the software.

It comes after Medibank launched a VR software to be used at Australian hospitals to help patients to experience social situations they had been missing out on whilst in hospital.

Sami Yamin, a clinical neuropsychologist and neuroscientist, said: "Long-stay hospital patients often really suffer from loneliness and isolation because they're not necessarily able to access the community. It's sort of a growing problem within this specific context.

"We really had to think about what was reasonable for long-stay hospital patients to be able to do ... something which was relatively passive but still gave the sense of community. So if someone had a spinal injury, and had had very little movement in their neck or below the neck, they'd still be able to enjoy the experience.

"Using the Google platform was really important to us because of the fact that it's the best mobile platform that's available at this point in time. The Pixel phone has an amazing resolution, it has a lot of the power of the corded devices. Portability was a really big issue for us, so having something that was tethered was not an option. Room-based tracking would have been far too hard to set up. [Google Daydream View] just kind of made sense to us."

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