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JBL unveil Soundgear

JBL have designed headphones that are both hands-free and ear-free.

The audio electronics company unveiled their Soundgear device, which promises a "new way of experiencing personal sound", at IFA 2017 in Berlin.

Writing about the new product on their website, they shared: "JBL Soundgear is a new way of experiencing personal sound. Designed to be worn around the neck for a hands-free and ear-free immersive sound experience, the wearable sound device gives users the freedom to experience audio in a completely new way.

"JBL Soundgear is wireless and connects seamlessly through Bluetooth to smartphones and tablets. Whether you want to give your VR experience a boost, are watching a video, listening to music, or taking a conference call the Soundgear allows you to create your own personal sound zone, while remaining totally aware of your surroundings."

And JBL believe this new device will allow people to enjoy music without "feeling closed-off from their surroundings".

Michael Mauser, president of the Lifestyle Audio Division at HARMAN, said previously: "Audio is such an important aspect of life and the JBL Soundgear is a new way for consumers to experience sound without feeling closed-off from their surroundings.

"Whether playing the hottest new mobile virtual reality games, watching a movie or taking a conference call, the Soundgear provides users with a pervasive sound experience in total freedom and comfort. It's a totally new way of experiencing sound, by wearing it."

The JBL SoundGear is expected to go on sale in November 2017.

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