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Facebook's new Snooze button

Facebook's new Snooze button allows you to temporarily hide a page or profile from your newsfeed.

The social media site has created a new button that lets you temporarily unfollow a friend, page or group for a set period of time of 24 hours, seven days or 30 days.

A Facebook spokesperson told Tech Crunch: "We're testing new ways to give people control over their News Feeds so they can stay connected with the stories they find most relevant."

To Snooze someone on your newsfeed, you need to tap the arrow in the top right of the person's post. Before, it was just an "unfollow" option but now you can choose to "snooze" the person's posts and then decide how long you want to keep them off your newsfeed for.

This new feature has currently only be spotted on the US version of Facebook's desktop site.

Meanwhile, Facebook have other big plans ahead - they are working on building their own town to help with the housing crisis in San Francisco.

They wrote in a post on the Facebook Community page: "We are now planning to redevelop the former Menlo Science & Technology Park which we intend to call Willow Campus. Working with the community, our goal for the Willow Campus is to create an integrated, mixed-use village that will provide much needed services, housing and transit solutions as well as office space. Part of our vision is to create a neighborhood center that provides long-needed community services. We plan to build 125,000 square feet of new retail space, including a grocery store, pharmacy and additional community-facing retail."

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