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Eta Clock shows where your family members are

A New York-based company have created a smart clock that can tell you where your family and friends are at any time of the day.

DC Creatives have launched a Kickstarter campaign to create the Eta clock, which is a "community location device" that shares the location of up to six chosen people and displays it on a clock-style device that can be displayed in the home.

Writing about the project on their Kickstarter page, they shared: "The Eta Clock isn't your ordinary clock - it doesn't tell time. Instead, it keeps you connected to those who matter most, exchanging time for location.

"The Eta Clock tells you where the people in your life spend their time, with each hand representing a person in your connection circle and each segment of the clock face corresponding to a destination. As the people in your life proceed throughout their day, the clock hands mimic their movements, traveling to and from destinations like work and home.

"The Eta Clock is a truly whimsical device that combines functionality with wonder, and gives owners a sense of peaceful connectedness. Made from exquisite materials with a modern, minimalist design, the Eta Clock is more than a connected device, it's a statement piece of art for your home."

The Eta Clock works by requesting the location of a person's mobile phone and displaying it on the device.

They added: "This wall-hanging device works in conjunction with our Eta Clock mobile app. Mobile devices broadcast their geolocation coordinates to our secure server, which acts simply as a proxy, relaying those coordinate to your at-home Eta Clock device. No need to stare at a tiny map on your phone or request an update, the Eta Clock is always waiting for new coordinates and displays the whereabouts of your friends and family as a piece of wall-hanging art. In order to connect people to your Eta Clock device, friends and family can download our Eta Clock app, create an account and add locations in their mobile app. Your clock uses those locations to determine where your family and friends are located throughout their day."

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