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Embr Wave is a personal thermostat

A team of scientists have developed a personal thermostat that keeps you warm when you feel cold and cool when you feel hot.

The Embr Wave is worn on the wrist and can help you feel colder or warmer at the click of a button.

They wrote on their Kickstarter page: "We are a team of MIT-trained scientists who designed a product for anyone who has ever uttered the phrases "I'm too hot" or "I'm too cold" in a room full of comfortable people. At the press of a button, Embr Wave helps you feel colder or warmer so you can be more comfortable.

"Whenever you start feeling too warm or cold, you can activate Embr Wave for an instant shot of thermal relief. By directly cooling or warming the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist, it immediately recreates the chill of an ice cube on your skin in the summer or the warmth of your hands by the fireplace in the winter. It finally gives you control of the temperature you want to feel, immediately and at the press of a button."

The small increase in temperature by your wrist helps to warm or cool your whole body as the body is "hardwired" to do so.

Explaining the science behind it, they added: "Embr Wave is based on the key insight that warming or cooling one spot on your body can improve your overall comfort without changing your core temperature.

"That's why having wet socks can be enough to make you feel frigid, and why cupping a warm mug of tea feels so comforting when you're cold. The body is hardwired to respond this way because thermal sensations trigger the regions of the brain that control pleasure and thermoregulation.

"Unlike ordinary cooling & heating products, the thermal sensations that Embr Wave creates are immediate, precise, and energy-efficient. This is because of three technological innovations that we've made."

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