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Prepd Pack is the smart lunchbox

Prepd Pack makes lunches on the go "more enjoyable and less wasteful".

This "revolutionary new take on the humble lunchbox" allows you to control what you're eating even when you're out and about.

The team behind the Prepd Pack shared on their Kickstarter page: "Lunchtime: It's the most difficult time of the day to control what you eat. Eating out, or getting takeout, can get costly - and it's virtually impossible to know exactly what's inside your food. That's why we created the Prepd Pack, a revolutionary new take on the humble lunchbox.

"From planning and preparing your lunches, to tracking your food's nutritional value, Prepd Pack and its integrative app makes the entire process easier, more enjoyable, and less wasteful. Beautifully designed, Prepd Pack is uncompromisingly modern, consisting of a main case that houses a versatile modular system of containers and smart magnetic cutlery."

The Prepd Pack's complimentary app gives you recipes to help you fill the modular containers that make the lunch box.

They added: "Our immersive app makes prepping your lunches for the weeks ahead simple. We partnered with professional chefs and nutritionists to create an evolving library of recipes tailored to fit a broad range of diets, appetites, and health goals. All available recipes are designed to fill the modular containers, perfectly - making meal prepping less complicated, and, by eliminating unwanted food waste, more efficient.

"Get ready for a simpler and smarter grocery-shopping experience - our app will take care of organising shopping lists, so you'll know exactly what to buy the moment you get to the store. The Prepd app will be available for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, and will be free for all backers."

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