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Look device makes sure you never lose your glasses

You'll never lose your glasses again with the Look bluetooth device.

The handy tracker fits on the side of your glasses and helps you locate your missing spectacles with the help of your smartphone.

Writing on their website, they shared: "Think about how many different places you may visit in one day. From the home, the car, the office, the park ... everywhere you go, you risk misplacing your most important possessions. LOOK is a small wearable device which attaches easily to your glasses. It helps you locate your glasses using Bluetooth technology which sends a signal directly to a LOOK mobile app on your smartphone!

"How many times have you purchased an expensive pair of sunglasses, only to misplace them soon after? Nearly 75% of the population wears some sort of vision corrective lenses. Whether you use glasses throughout the day, for reading, or just your favorite pair of sunglasses - you've invested a lot into being able to see properly. Simply attach the device to any set of frames and then download the application to your iPhone or Android device. Using the app, you can easily track your glasses and find them in seconds."

The team behind Look have also developed a keychain tracker for those who don't use a smartphone.

The Look device comes in five different colours - black, red, silver, white and brown.

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