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Table-top CaloRieco lets you easily count calories

Dieters can count their calories with the table-top CaloRieco.

The clever device - designed by Hiroyuki Kaizo and Kazuhiro Ochi - lets you work out the exact calories of your meal within seconds and logging it for you to analyse later.

They wrote on their website: "By measuring calories easily, you can reduce time and effort spent on tiresome dietary management. It can further provide recipes and suggestions for restaurants to enrich the variety of your diet, which can often become repetitive because of calorie restrictions. By having a stable diet management and maintaining your health, you may not have to worry about medical expenses and put your your financial concerned at ease.

"This is a solution which can measure calories and three major nutrients in meals before you eat. It was developed to free the hands of diabetic patients and their family who manage diets every single day, as well as the hands of people who are on a diet.

"Calculating calories by hand used to take time and effort, but by a unique analyzing method using near infrared ray, it can measure calories in a short time with a high precision which even the experts acknowledge. Also, by automatically recording and managing the measured calories and nutrients as log-data, we endeavor to expand into software services in the future, allowing them to offer a customized recipe according to the user's needs."

It is not the first device on the market that helps dieters count calories.

A tech company have created the MACROPACK, the "world's first innovative lunchbox" that helps you weigh your food. For those who like to calorie count, it lets you weigh all of your food in ounces or grams.

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