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Smart Crossing changes road layout for every occasion

Direct Line have unveiled a prototype of the world's first responsive road.

The Smart Crossing has computer vision technology which is able to "scan" the road to adapt to different situations, such as vehicles approaching or a person wanting to cross the road. The LED road surface then lights up with different markings to control the traffic in real time.

Sam Wise, Head of Planning at Saatchi & Saatchi London, who worked alongside the insurance provider on the project, said: "It is easy for people to put insurance into a box marked 'problems with my car or house' and only think about it once a year. Great insurance is actually something much bigger than that; it is the partner that allows us to meet the uncertainties of the future with confidence. With these activations, we are reminding people what great insurance should feel like and challenging them to reimagine what role we could play in a changing world."

Whilst Rachael Lynch, Innovation Marketing Manager at Direct Line added: "Direct Line develops high performance solutions to everyday challenges and 'The Smart Crossing' is the latest example of this. We've developed a world-first piece of technology to address the problems that arise when pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles meet at pedestrian crossings.

"Cities across the world are future proofing and we believe our model could be an essential part of everyday life. In a world where we are immersed in mobile technology, 'The Smart Crossing' can pre-empt danger and urge pedestrians to look up before crossing a road."

The Smart Crossing is even able to adapt to emergency situations, such as when pedestrians take unnecessary risks such as a child chasing a ball into the path of oncoming traffic.

Will John, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi London, shared: "Roads are the beating heart of any city. They are full of life. But they don't adapt or respond to that life. Sure, we put signs and marking down to guide people at crossings. But a smarter solution would be a smarter road; a road that can look out for you and keep you safe. With Direct Line, we're looking to prevent accidents from ever happening, by reimagining road safety and what a crossing can do."

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